Monday, September 02, 2019

It is that time again to elect our next set of 2020-2021 PIID Board of Trustees (BOT).

The BOT will serve a two (2) year term. They will give strategic direction, oversight, and will be working with fellow committed officers for the upliftment and betterment of the interior design profession. Participating in the election process is a rewarding and fulfilling opportunity to gain valuable experience. Once elected, the officer will develop proactive leadership, organizational skills and have a chance to make collective decisions that would stream down to the good of the membership as a whole.

During the election proceedings, those elected you will be given opportunities to share their vision for the organization’s common good.

We also invite the members to submit the names of other members who they believe would be good officers for the PIID BOT.

The positions as provided in PIID By-Laws, Article XI are:
1. National President
2. Vice President - National
3. Corporate Secretary
4. Treasurer
5. Executive Director Professional Practice and Ethics*(must have been a member for 20 years)
6. Executive Director for Public Relations
7. Executive Director for Events
8. Executive Director for Professional Development
9. Executive Director for Finance

We will appreciate it if interested active members send their reply form and their brief but substantial credentials (Curriculum Vitae with your recent picture) to validate the capacity to handle this service leadership position for our profession. Kindly send it through
email to election2019@piid.org.ph on or before September 28, 2019 to provide ample time for our evaluation, endorsement and standard ethical campaign period. This is in preparation for our election to be held on November 28, 2019.

Must be a bonafide PIID member in good standing as provided for in PIID By-Laws, Section 10.3 (qualifications below).
Members may nominate their desired candidates
download Nomination Form for submission to PIID secretariat on or before September 28, 2019.

The PIID COMELEC is now accepting nominations for the PIID Board of Trustees (BOT) Calendar Year 2020-2021

Monday, September 02, 2019

Nominees should be individuals who would actively promote and prioritize the welfare of the Interior Design profession, provide a positive image of our organization and have the following qualifications:
10.3QUALIFICATIONS OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES. – Qualifications of Officers. The Officers to be elected must have all of the following:
10.3.1 Must be a citizen and resident of the Philippines;
10.3.2 Must be a degree holder of any of the following: (a) Bachelor of Science in Interior Design (BSID), Bachelor of Interior Design (BID) or Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), major in Interior Design, or an equivalent degree conferred by a school, academy, college or university in the Philippines that is recognized and/or accredited by the Philippine government (RA 10350, Sec 7, par. B); (b) or A degree in interior design obtained from a reputable institution of learning in the Philippines recognized by the government and affiliated with a school/college/university duly recognized or accredited by the CHED or; (c) A degree in interior design obtained from a reputable institution of learning in a foreign country/state: Provided, That the same is certified by the CHED as equivalent to a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design obtained in the Philippines (RA 10350, Sec 15, par. C.);
10.3.3 Must be a registered interior designer with a valid certificate of registration and professional identification card and an active practitioner of interior design for not less than ten (10) years prior to election (RA 10350, Sec. 7, par.(c);
10.3.4 A member in good standing for at least two (2) consecutive years prior to the election, of good moral character and in active participation with the organization's programs and activities; (i.e. must  have paid membership dues up to 2018-2019)
10.3.5 Must not be an officer or committee member in any competing professional organization or business corporation prejudicial to the interest of PIID;
10.3.6 Must NOT be convicted of an offense involving moral turpitude by a court of competent jurisdiction.