-   Philippine School of Interior Design, Certificate course in Interior Design, 2000
-   M.A. in Fine Arts and Design, Philippine Women’s University, 2014
- Managing Director of an online lifestyle store,
-   Faculty, Philippine Women’s University, School of Fine Arts and Design.
-  One of the prime movers in Republic Act 10350 known as “The Philippine Interior Design Act of 2012 while he was the Director for Professional Practice of the PIID Board of Trustees from 2007 to 2015.
-   Current PIID Board of Trustees, Vice President, 2017-2019
-   PIID Representative to the DPWH Board of Consultants.


INA: 3-Point Action for  a progressive PIID
I   -  "Interior Designer for National Artist 2020" .
N -  let's make some " Noise" about interior design practice 
       by creating a PIID youtube channel featuring all
       works of the members .
A -  "Aparri to Jolo " , we will be as one .
        "one voice , one  PIID, one organization "

To know more about the program please like and share .
-     Graduated from Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Batch 2009
-     Currently taking up Master of Science in Construction Management from PUP, Open University
-     Faculty Member at Polytechnic University of the Philippines
-     Principal Designer of JMB Interior Design and Supply

- To establish and promote innovative techniques and guideline on Interior Construction and methodologies for junior and advance levels.

- To strengthen further the Interior and Design Manila’s core activity which is the International Conference - the only platform for international education and exchange of global practice.

- To create and implement standards and guidelines in Interior Design Project Management



Current PIID Board of Trustees, Executive Director for Finance, 2017-2019.


Being in the current board, I would like to pursue the recognition of our signature and seal when applying for government (renovation) permits. This way our profession will get the much respect the we deserve.
-   Graduated from the University of Santo Tomas, 1970
-   Master in Construction Management, University of the East, Manila, 2002
-   Units earned for Doctoral degree in Educational Administration, University of the East, Manila.
-   Dissertation in Progress for the doctoral degree in Educational Administration, Manuel L. Quezon University, Urban Planning UP Diliman (1 semester)
-   Faculty member, College of the Holy Spirit, Manila.
-   Liaison Officer representing the College of the Holy Spirit in the Mendiola Consortium.
-   Former Dean of Student Affairs, College of the Holy Spirit, Manila.
-   PIID, College of Fellows


COMMITMENT- Establish strong spirit of commitment to the organization at all times.

COMPLIANCE - To the laws of the organization as well as to the implementation of the National Building Code with practice of Interior Design

MONITORING - Initiate measures to police the legal practice of Interior Design as stated in the PIID Code of Ethics & its By-laws.

INTERACTION - Establish better relationship with other government agencies related to the practice of Interior Design to safeguard the interest of the practitioners. Interact with other Interior Designer Practitioners and share common practices to improve or address concerns that are relevant to the profession.

IMPOSE - Penalties against unscrupulous interior designers who are not duly licensed.



-     Graduated from the College of the Holy Spirit, Manila, 2001.
-     Prior to the establishment of Speag Interior Design, she was the sole Interior Designer for an architectural firm for 12 years.
-     Former Faculty member of the College of Holy Spirit, College of Fine Arts.


The goal is simple.Engage members, most especially the young professionals as they are eager to contribute.Our organization’s future will be shaped by innovation and collaborative methods that focus on excellence with tangible and measurable results.
To inspire, challenge and support the unconventional thinkers,the dreamers and the doers who are passionate about their creative worksto better themselves and impact the society.


-   Graduated from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, 1997.
-   Units taken for Master in Interior Design in UP Diliman.
-   Currently taking up Master in Arts in Women and Development in UP Diliman.
-   Currently a Faculty Member of the College of Architecture & Fine Arts in Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP).
-   Interior Designer at DDC Marketing
-   Currently the PIID Representative to the Philippine Green Building Initiative (PGBI)
-   Currently the Board of Director for Interschool Events & Competitions of the Council of Interior Design Educators (CIDE).

A. TRANSPARENCY. Advocate for honesty and integrity in the PIID Leadership as the real essence of service and commitment.
B. INTEGRITY. Fight for the Interior Design Profession with conviction. Continue to improve on the implementation of RA10350 making sure PIID is globally at par.
C. CAMARADERIE. Steward comradeship to develop better relationship among the PIID members.
D. SERVICE. Contrive to more relevant socio-cultural activities and events for PIID and the society.
E. LEGACY. Impart to our future-colleagues thru reliving the PIID-Student Auxiliary Body.


-   Graduated from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, 1993.
-   Master of Interior Design, University of the Philippines, Diliman, 2016.
-   General Manager/Principal Designer at JJE Design and Construct
-   Former PIID Board of Trustees, Executive Director for Education from 2007-2011
-   Former PIID Board of Trustees, Vice President for Internal Affairs from 2011-2014
-   President, Business Network International (BNI) Alabang Eagles Chapter, October 2019 - March 2020
-   Vice Admin, Rotary Club Makati Premier District (RCMPD), June 2019 - June 2020.


For PIID to:

1. Possess a high standard of Professionalism at a global level
2. Have a strong cultural social awareness
3. Be more visible, nationally and internationally (not only in the community of interior design and its allied professions in the Philippine society but abroad)
4. Provide employment and business opportunities to its members.
5. Be more financially secure.
6. Encourage a warm and positive family atmosphere.

Therefore, to be able to achieve these goals I will commit to be:
1. RESOURCEFUL by taking advantage of my network here and abroad.
2. HONEST and SELFLESS in serving the PIID organization and its members.
3. DAUNTLESS in facing the roles and responsibilities in the board.
4. VIGILANT in upholding the PIID by-laws and the interior design law RA 10350.


Graduated from Assumption College, 1996.
Former Interior Designer at Leandro V. Locsin Partners.
Owner, Chat Fores Design Studio.


My advocacy for PIID is to raise the level of interior design with knowledge sharing, education and community building. As an organization, our goal is to prepare members to adapt and evolve in the ever changing environment of our profession.  It would also be nice for the founding members to be able to disseminate their acquired experiences to guide our newer members.

My goal is to make the interior designers focus on being the positive change in the industry.



-     Philippine School of Interior Design, Basic and Advanced Interior Design, 2002
-     Former Educator of SoFA Interior Design Workshop (2010), CSB-DLSU Facilities and Design for Hotels and Restaurants (2005), DLSU Introduction to Sociology (1999)
-     On-Cam Presenter/TV Host of Small Spaces (HGTV Asia), Extreme Make-Over Home Edition Philippines (TV5), House Life (QTV-GMA), and Zine (Studio 23 -ABS-CBN)
-     Correspondent, Lifestyle Section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, 1999
-     Currently a Host and Voice Over Talent for Corporate and Private Events.
-     Representative to the National Commission for Architecture and Allied Arts of the NCCA from 2008-2013.
-     Former PIID Board of Trustees, Director for Internal Affairs, 2005-2007


Animus for the PIID BOT 2020-2021:
1. EXPOSURE of members and their works/achievements through online videos/programs. Social/digital media, and traditional media.
2. EMPOWERMENT of members via workshops, conferences, online educational programs.
3. OPPORTUNITIES for members via collaborations with suppliers, companies and institutions, and leads for newly minted practitioners.


-     Graduated from the University of the East, Caloocan, 2001.
-     Master of Interior Design, University of the Philippines, Diliman, 2016.
-     Current Chairperson of the Interior Design Department of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.
-     Part-Time Instructor at Microcadd Institute Inc
-     Affiliated with Asia Pacific Consortium of Researchers and Educators, Association of Scholarly Peer Reviewers, Association of Scholarly Editors, and Philippine Association of Institutions for Researchers Inc.
-     Presented her paper entitled “Domestic Spaces for Home-based Professional Practice and Work-life Balance among selected Filipino Female Interior Designers” in 2016 APCoRE International Conference held at Dusit Thani Hotel in Pattaya, Thailand.


No to Illegal Interior Design Practice

Promote Interior Design Practice legally
-     Intensify the campaign of RA 10350
-     Strengthen the policies against illegal practitioner
-     Inspire interior design graduates to take licensure exam
Promote the Interior design profession
-     Launch a campaign on public awareness about the profession
-     PIID Caravan in Senior High schools
Promote Professionalism and Fellowship among Interior Designers
-     Help interior designers from the provinces to renew their license
-     Propose to create more regional chapters
-     Encourage interior designers to be active members of PIID
-     Master of Interior Design, University of the Philippines, Diliman, 2016
-     Graduated Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Interior Design, University of Santo Tomas, 1997
-     Partner and Interior Designer of Atelier 97 Interior Design Co.
-     Director/Owner of Padernal Construction Co., Inc.
-     Senior Lecturer, Clothing Textiles & Interior Design Department, University of the Philippines
-     Former Instructor at the University of Santo Tomas
-     Current PIID Board of Trustee for Professional Development
-     Member of the PRC-CPD Council for Interior Design
-     Former chairman of the PIID CPD Commitee from 2010-2014

She envisions a stronger and more united PIID focusing on programs to advance the practice of the Interior Design profession. Her aim is to continue to advocate professional and ethical methods that conform with PIID bylaw; and upholding the core values of PIID. She aspires to promote accountability and transparency in the transactions and improvement in the operation of the organization.



-   Philippine School of Interior Design, Basic and Advanced Courses in Interior Design, 1991-1992
-   Former Faculty, DLSU College of St. Benilde and Philippine School of Interior Design
-   Principal Interior Designer/Owner, Michael Pizarro Interior Design and Acanthus Home Furniture and Furnishing
-   Former PIID Board of Trustees, Executive Director for Professional Practice, 2015-2017 and, Executive Director for Exhibits and Conventions, 2002-2007
-   PIID, College of Fellows


Allow me to be a Father

As a member of PIID for almost 3 decades, and have served for 3 terms under the leadership of the Luminaries of our Interior Design industry, I have learned only one thing...begin with an OPEN MIND and end with a FULFILLED HEART!
I was asked several times to run but consistently said no... but created the SHIFT? I asked myself what will be different with me this time? Of recent turn of events in both my personal and professional life, I have realized one important changed that has happened to me...I am now a FATHER. At that very moment I have embraced FATHERHOOD, I have realized the call to higher PURPOSE! 
...It is to go beyond what I think, but rather listen to the voices and together we speak as one!
...It is to do beyond what I desire, but rather learn what industry needs and together we build a stronger industry!
...It is to do beyond what we all have right now, but rather realize as one the purpose of why we are called PROFESSIONAL INTERIOR DESIGNERS!

With these in my heart as a FATHER, i will advance the following causes:
UNITY, not only within the members, but also within the industry, by clearly identifying who we are, and what we can offer, and as a FATHER it is my goal to create the synergy that promotes a dynamic industry and business community!
EDUCATION, beyond the academic needs, i see the profession so eager to learn an update our knowledge and wisdom allowing not only the mind but also the heart, and as a FATHER i will foster exchange of knowledge, wisdom and expertise to ensure that no one will be left out! 
ADVOCACY, living in this modern world belong, we no longer live for us, nor for our livelihood...there is a higher call to give, to build, to empower! To take care of our COMMUNITY, our ENVIRONMENT is to take care for our FUTURE. There is a higher call to go beyond what we can get...but rather what we can give! To bring us all together to a PURPOSEFUL LIFE, as a committed, responsible, and passionate PROFESSIONAL, FILIPINO INTERIOR DESIGNERS!
-     Current PIID Board of Trustees, Corporate Secretary.


To initiate and support activities that foster empowerment and recognition of efforts of Licensed Professional Interior Designers;

To work towards a globally competitive interior design profession;

To be the muscle of a strong PIID; and

World Peace!



- Graduated from the University of the Assumption, 2005
- Owner, Yap-Chua Architectural Services


His long advocacy has always been leaning towards the professional demeanor and legal practice of licensed interior designers, as well as keenly uplifting the legal standards of those practicing interior design as a pursued licensed profession.